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  • Luxury black case and black dial genuine black leather watch



Exclusive innovative design

Christian Paul’s Special edition watches are a curated collection of the best in limited edition timepieces. The epitome of art and design in watchmaking. As well as featuring the most innovative of Christian Paul designs to make timeless luxury collectibles. Delicately designed for their eclectic boldness that combines both artistic form and function. The Christian Paul special edition releases a unique collection like no other.

It contains the brand’s first ever rectangular case shape. It is also the release of the advanced Super Fibre Leather. A vegan leather technology that does not use animal products in the process of its manufacture While retaining the same quality and fine details of genuine leather products. Inspired by the Australian state of New South Wales. Renowned for its waterfronts, the free spirited and environmental loving locals. Christian Paul designs always plan to innovate and explore the fluctuating design and fashion sphere both in Australia and internationally.

Collecting timeless timepieces.

Fashion and design comes full circle, no matter the era. What was popular 25 years ago can trend again with a younger audience that finds it appealing. The younger crowd brings their character with the style from the clothing to accessories. Christian Paul loves and encourages the individuality of each person, every person has a different taste in style. Even a modern person would love to have a timeless watch that resonates with their personality.

For example, you may be eyeing the glamorous Eternity watch that exudes modern Australian style. Made and designed from a partnership with Australian Eternity Diamonds, The Eternity watch is glamously curated with Australian Chocolate diamonds as the indicators on a 43mm white dial, complimented by a 20mm rose gold case and mesh bracelet. This timeless design perfectly replicates the beautiful copper sands that Australia is known for alongside creating a gorgeous timepiece that anyone could wear from well respected farmer to suave business woman. When you have an exclusive design, it makes you feel a certain way. Passing this feeling down is essential and is a gift that keeps on giving, not only are they the best dressed when they need it the most but with Christian Paul’s fantastic craftsmanship you are able to be with them forever through a gorgeous luxury design.

Collecting limited edition Christian Paul watches

Christian Paul designs always plan to innovate and explore the fluctuating design and fashion sphere both in Australia and internationally. If you’re an experienced watch collector you’ll know today people are far more impressed by thin, elegant watches that do something in a thoughtful way, rather than ones which throw more parts into a large case. In order to explore all the trends and keep up with the fast pace that goes long with any creative industry, limited releases are essential. Having an exclusive timepiece adds unique style to your outfits, you’ll have a unique flair. You won’t see too many people having this exclusive timepiece because of the limited number release. Having a unique piece of art is rare in today’s age of fast fashion and manufacturing. Christin Paul is all about making an elegant, subtle yet standout statement and is a valuable staple to your accessory collection.

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