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  • Luxury rose gold and black dial genuine leather brown watch


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  • Luxury black and silver dial genuine black leather watch


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  • Luxury black and rose gold dial rose gold mesh link watch



Christian Paul makes vintage the new modern

Christian Paul has taken a turn in a different direction this season. Bringing with it, a tropical twist mixing the modern with the classics. These delicate pieces are inspired by the classical Cuban culture. From old pictures to heirlooms, there are also many stories to be told and made with Christian Paul’s classical collection. Caribbean inspired timepieces favour the distressed and the old over the shiny and the new. Your watch should feel as though it’s been weathered by the elements. The Caribbean Dreamer collection is Inspired by the traditional pocket watches. Soft stitched leather straps partnering with Roman numeral indexed dials encased by a new classic case and crown. Delicate oiled leather straps in many shades of browns, blacks, shading neutrals and custom designed vintage hands on raised dials.

Caribbean design

Dancing through the classics. This is where Christian Paul mixes the modern and classic stories to bring a sophisticated Caribbean aesthetic. Another new case and crown modernised with a Caribbean feel. Inspired by the wonderful atmosphere of culture and scenery. When it comes to Caribbean design, soft, yet bold colours abound. Think of classic beach colours. Together with a bright and fun twist like turquoise and corals, limes and yellows, vibrant in their beauty.

A very essential piece of Caribbean design is wooden accents. Christian Paul replicates a sense of depth, contrast and history. With the deep brown stitched genuine leather straps that seem to tell a story. The variant of the tan leather and the deep brown create a sense of richness through the contrast of the gold features. Antique pieces or items that replicate pieces that are weathered and worn. That tells a story. These are the perfect example of Caribbean accessories.

Subtle statement

Caribbean style is about authenticity and this extends to the materials that go into its furnishings. Think local, beachy, rich woods, gleaming bronzes, glowing coppers. But rather then the weathered, distressed look of the stitched genuine leather, Caribbean design also embraces the crisp, clean, and cheerful softer tones. For example white, or soft nudes as seen in the Tamsin watch. The soft nude leather band and small indexes are subtle but are brought to life against the deep black dial. For a true sense of the Caribbean, partnering a soft colour with another in a more eye-catching colour: the contrast will create a striking look that evokes a wonderful sense of the islands. The Caribbean Collection encapsulates the essence of the beaches by paying homage to their design aesthetic that carries so many stories in each piece.

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