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Homage to the wonder that is The Great Barrier Reef.

The Reef collection introduces elegant treasures inspired by the wonder of the natural world, The Great Barrier Reef. Especially beautiful, this spectacle is visible from the skies on the east coast of Australia. It is often likened to the beauty of a glistening opal. The Great Barrier Reef spans over 2000km, making it the largest living structure on Earth. Similarly, to a colourful oasis in the desert.

Full of beautiful coral reefs, unspoiled islands and sandy coral cays. In order to provide delicately designed homes for thousands of sea creatures. More than that, it guards coastlines against extreme weather, purifies the ocean waters. As well as absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Not to mention offers the best snorkelling and diving experiences on the planet. Making it one of the most sought after vacation destinations of any worldly explorer. Paying homage to this natural masterpiece of our home country was essential to exploring Christian Paul’s harmonious coexistence between minimalist and fashionable design.

Innovative design of Bevelled Hardened mineral glass

The Reef collection is one of Christian Paul’s most innovative designs. Introducing the bevelled hardened glass design. Which makes the collection an incredible standout amongst the other collections of Christian Paul. Whether you want to dive beneath the waves at a remote reef location or walk out to the corals from an island beach. Maybe you want to simply gaze across the crystal-clear waters from a hill or boat deck. Either way you’re able to witness the array of wonderful colours created by the coral and rocks nestled under its waves.

Illuminated by the east coast sun the organic colours are reflected and splintered across the sea floor. Creating a spectacular kaleidoscope like design. Inspiring the diamond cut finish on the hardened mineral crystal glass. Each colourway is inspired by the abundance of colour and life of coral from the natural phenomena and its surrounding islands. One of the most eye-catching of the collection is the Delorean watch. This style has bright red glass which brings attention to its ornate design. Partnered with a rose gold bracelet, it is inspired by the abundance of gorgeous off-shore red algae that line the natural wonder. This collection houses a Japanese Quartz 2025 Miyota movement inside a petite 34mm dial. It also has an interchangeable mesh strap to dress any wrist in a stunning and innovative style.

Marrying the old classics with the fresh new trends

Christian Paul explores a coexistence between minimalist and fashionable design with the release of the reef collection. Fashion is cyclical. What was once in will surely be back again in the future. Vintage and vintage-inspired clothing seem to be the phrases of the last few years. The beautiful design of the Reef collection looks back at where minimalist design started. Back in the 1920s. With the thin strap and small delicate watch face it can be likened to a small pocket watch. However worn on the wrist. This nod to the beginning of minimalist design gives the Reef collection an elegant vintage look. The mesh strap of the timepieces in this collection creates a luxurious bracelet. Making this art piece not only a functional piece but a standalone art piece that compliments the wearer. These pieces are eye-catching.

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