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  • Luxury rose gold mesh bracelet watch

    Bondi Mesh

  • Luxury rose gold peach leather watch

    Bondi Peach

  • Luxury rose gold white leather watch

    Bondi White

  • Luxury gold and black leather watch

    Brighton Black

  • Luxury silver mesh link watch

    Whitehaven Mesh

  • Luxury silver nude leather watch

    Whitehaven Nude


Christian Paul’s original and first collection

Christian Paul’s signature Marble collection. The collection which started it all. Inspired by the beautiful Australian landscape Christian Paul hopes to bring a part of Australia to your timepiece. With elements from the picturesque coastal beaches to the historic rocks in the harbour. Christian Paul first established a harmonious coexistence between minimalist and fashionable design with the Marble collection. An approachable luxury that has cemented its position as a functional wardrobe essential. Christian Paul has forever changed the way a watch is sold and purchased.  Christian Paul has emerged as worldwide leading innovators in designer timepieces through inspired artistry and scrupulous craftsmanship. Captivating the finest of social media bloggers and media personalities worldwide.

Inspired by Australia’s beaches

Paying homage to Australia’s natural masterpiece is essential in exploring Christian Paul’s harmonious coexistence between minimalist and fashionable watch design. Beach culture is deeply rooted in what it means to be an Australian. Australian beaches aren’t simply a retreat from modern life or a hard year’s work. Many thousands of generations have come here before us to savour this place and enjoy its bounty. For example, Bondi is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks. Wearing the Bondi watch perfectly captures the essence of experiencing Bondi beach. Golden sun kissed skin against a bright white sundress carried by the ocean wind. This world-renowned beach is known for its golden sandy beach, blue ocean, surf culture and focus on wellness. Pulling in people from all over the world.

Christian Paul replicates the luxurious beauty of Bondi beach by carefully painting a picture of rich gold of the soft sands against the gentle white marble relaxing waves. Christian Paul extends their homage to the North of Australia’s coasts with the Whitehaven watch. Whitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Whitsunday Islands. With it’s brilliant white silica sand, it is among the purest beaches in the world. Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. This heritage area is home to an amazing array of sea life. Including beautiful coral as well as thousands of species of fish.

Timeless design

Christian Paul is the pinnacle of innovative and timeless watch design for the everyday person. Timothy Caruana is an Australian born designer who brings life to a unique but timeless luxurious aesthetic while partnering a passionate focus on quality. Timeless Marble is a unique inspiration which can be integrated in any design in many distinct ways. Marble is inspirational and beautiful material with unequal elegance and brightness. It can be included in any outfit, either luxurious, or rustic. Available in several shades, marble can be matched with different kinds of fabrics, in order to make for the perfect accessory.

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