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Accessory for the modern woman

Inspired by the beauty of a modern woman, The Luxe Collection watches display a brilliant integration of natural forms and modern design. Modern is more than style, it’s a mindset. Christian Paul’s mission is to offer you well-designed, beautiful pieces you can live and work in that empower your best self daily. Dress up your style with any of our glittering timepieces for the purpose of extraordinary daily romance. These are timeless go-to pieces that you can wear beyond all the trends, not to mention, allowing you to wear them over and over again.

Crystals are a girl’s best friend

The statement pieces of the Luxe Collection are the Austrian Crystals. Crystals are a sought-after symbol of longevity. A crystal accessory indicates lifelong friendship with your companion. A gorgeous crystal can be worn until you pass it on as an heirloom, a testament to your unique journey in the world, a standout monument of your former life. One of the most unique characteristics of crystals is the way that they catch the light. In fact, no two crystals are alike, each makes a unique contribution to an outfit. In effect, they are forever changing their tone or color over the course of a day. The illumination of a crystal furthers the subtle beauty, tradition, and contemporary look.

Accessible Luxury

The Luxe Collection is the epitome of art and design in watchmaking, featuring the most innovative of Christian Paul designs and makes for timeless luxury collectibles. Delicately designed for subtle elegance which masterfully combines both artistic form and function. A beautifully designed luxury accessory can go a long way in increasing your self-esteem or a sense of self. Adorn yourself with beautiful gleaming crystals and feel your most beautiful self! This exquisite collection perfectly complements any gorgeous hard working woman. Ideal for special occasions and gift-giving, it shines crystal clear!

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