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  • floral mustard and rose gold watch

    Silver Eye

  • Luxury floral mustard and rose gold watch

    Silver Eye


Wildlife artist

Christian Paul partners with one of Australia’s own wildlife artists Garry Fleming to create a collection . Garry Fleming is without doubt Australia‚Äôs foremost wildlife artist. He is best known for his incredible detail and close up paintings of animals and birds. This of course means his original paintings are highly sought after. They can be found in private collections around the world. You can’t help but marvel at his talent. Just look at one of his paintings in a gallery in the Hunter Valley. Looking directly in front of the painting you feel like you could touch the galahs and the fence in front of them. Not to mention from across the room there is depth and perspective rarely achieved by many other artists. So, it’s safe to say Garry Fleming is truly brilliant.

Supporting Australian artists

At Christian Paul we pride ourselves on where we came from and what better way to say thank you than to support Australia’s local artists. Locally owned businesses provide many economic benefits to Australia. As well as luxury, it provides a homely feel to the collection. The art world needs all the help it can get. We all have to do our part as traditional work, like acrylic and watercolour paintings, will get lost in the more virtual entertainment movement nowadays. If we could change the majority of our culture from going to the Friday night footy to catching an art show opening, that would be amazing. If more art and design made an appearance in everyday life the more opportunities there will be. Rooted in design Christian Paul has a good understanding about how hard it is to make a name for yourself in the creative world.

Floral statement piece

Floral motifs are the timeless hits of design and fashion. Since the beginning of the massive European influence in the 1400’s and 1500’s. Floral print decorations are a classic when spring and summer comes around. Floral patterns on clothing are bound to change the catwalk into a floral sidewalk. Spring/ Summer floral collections underline color, youth and passion which is also reflected in organic inspired accessories. The Garry Fleming collection lets us have fun and forget about the boring fashion rules. By mixing floral patterns and bold colors and still remaining classic with the choice of metallic accents. Even male consumers shouldn’t be scared of a pop of colour and floral. Show your fashion know- how by wearing a floral pattern on your tie, colourful socks or flashy T-shirts alongside the Blue Wren timepiece. It will surely make the fashion critics turn heads.

Surrounded by Italian gardens, hidden amongst native Australian farmland, lived a small flock of Fairy Wrens. Whistling the graceful sounds of freedom, the Fairy Wrens entertained the native Robins and Blue Wrens amongst the English roses. Hand painted artworks brought to life through your timepiece. The Navy Blue wren is one of Garry’s most popular images. It has been beautifully reproduced as a print emblazoned on a 43mm dial combined with a navy suede leather band. The pink blooms combined with touches of rose gold add a gorgeous finish to this striking timepiece. If you are searching for a birthday gift for your sweetheart, say happy birthday with flowers on their new favourite accessory.

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