In a world full of smart tech and integrated systems, why would we want or need to invest in a watch? We already have the time displayed on our phones, computers, ipads/tablets, and even our kitchen appliances. Do we really need another product that only has one job?

Let us assure you, you do. 

Firstly, let’s not get into the amount of times we purchase things that we don’t need (or the more than occasional impulse buy). However, investing in a watch is one that requires more thought. It’s a purchase that comes with intention, something one might not mind spending extra money on. 

Why? Because a watch gives time when a device can often steal it. How many times have you gone to check the time on your phone or computer and looked up forty minutes later? What were you doing again? That’s right, checking the time that seemed to disappear into the black hole of device distractions. Even if you are somehow miraculously immune to getting distracted by your phone (we don’t believe you), here are some valid reasons why you should be investing in a watch.

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Watches Exist Purely Out Of Spite

That’s right. I mean we don’t need them do we? Yet the watch market is still growing! Traditionally, wrist watches were only worn by women as a fashion statement. While men kept pocket watches and laughed at the ‘trend’ until the first World War. This is when the wrist watch proved more convenient, one can’t really fight a war and pull out their pocket watch every 5 minutes. Fast forward to the 21st century and you could compare the pocket watch to a smartphone. Two items which are both stored in your pocket as well as being quite inconvenient to tell the time when both hands are full. 

They Are Harder To Lose

It’s just there.. on your arm.. all day! Which is a lot better for most of us who tend to put down our phones while completing a task only to spend the next half hour or so searching for where we just put it down! That alone is solid reasoning for why you should invest in a watch. 

Investing In A Watch Saves Your Phone Battery

In this case, just like brains – two devices are better than one. Your phone battery is most likely to die during a night out or at a festival. Then where will you be, out on the town with no idea when to go home. Even if fully charged, an 8 or 24 hour lasting battery is far inferior to the watch. Most quartz watches now have batteries that don’t need to be changed for at least a year, some even up to 5 years! Don’t forget, wrist watches were developed long before electricity. While watches do have batteries in them now, they didn’t originally. At first, they were wound manually, watches designed like this are called mechanical movement. Automatic movement is when the watch is wound from your arm movements, as well as the battery. 

Which leads to my next point..

They’re Simple, Functional & Reliable

Your watch not only contains a battery that will last longer than your phone, it contains mechanisms that have been in development since the 1800s. While some watches come in with more complex options such as diving watches, they maintain simplicity and function. Delivering the information that you need every time without fail (unless of course broken or dead battery). Your watch will keep ticking day in and day out.


They’re Beautiful & Nostalgic

While watches are great at delivering function over form, their form is still immaculate. For centuries watches are classed as an accessory or jewellery statement. There are so many designs available to suit your style. Some with interchangeable bands that can be swapped in and out for a variety of styles.

Investing In A Watch Means Investing In Yourself

Watch choices have become yet another form of style and self expression. From the small and dainty, to the big and powerful, a watch will undoubtedly enhance first impressions and appearances. As Bill Prince, editor of GQ Watch And Jewellery says; “[the wrist watch] was assigned many more attributes, not least the ability to define the wearer’s taste and social standing.” For men, they have become “the nearest a man can get to owning an It bag – and occupy the same role: confirmation that he is someone who understands current trends, and has the resources to do so.” 

They’re Polite & Elegant

Just imagine, you’re in an important meeting, maybe a first date, possibly a more elevated event like a wedding or funeral. You pull out your phone to check the time, you’re met with a scolding from society. As you should! You’ve appeared rude and distracted. Get your act together and invest in a watch already. 

Surrounding yourself with quality products has been known to improve your self image in both personal and professional life. Quality style rubs off into quality effort and work, it displays your style and persona. Spending the extra effort to make an informed decision on purchasing quality crafted timepieces is an indicator of striving for success.

Speaking Of Getting Your Act Together…

Studies have shown that watch wearers tend to be more conscientious, and have more emotional stability than non watch wearers. While we don’t know that this is from wearing a watch, wearing one wouldn’t hinder this. Wearing an analog watch can improve your relationship with time and increase your productivity. Being able to physically break up your day into more than just spaces between meals and taking away those empty numbers on a screen.

One might suggest an analog clock is the time equivalent of a ruler. This suggestion comes from; “The effect of watches on one’s awareness of time is similar to the findings of a study on improving attention while driving, among teens with ADHD. The study found that giving the study subjects a car with a manual transmission made them more engaged in the act of driving (and less prone to distraction) than giving them one with an automatic transmission. A regular wristwatch is a temporal stick-shift.”. So there you go, a sure fire way to instigate time management for self care and productivity

Generational Investment That Will Last

A timepiece is a gorgeous heirloom. the symbol of history, tradition and an embodiment of craftsmanship. How often can the creation of a tool be compared to a form of art? Nothing is more sentimental than passing down a timepiece through the generations, whether it be the grandfather clock, pocket watch or wrist watch. They remind us of the ones who lived before us, how time was spent. How time was utilised to measure every living experience one can have in a lifetime. Imagine taking the a moment to invest in a watch that can lasts for generations to come. 

We hope that you have found this article both engaging and informative, let us know your thoughts! Comments are open down below, or you can write to us directly here.

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