Whether you’re new to the watch arena or an old hat, knowing your Do’s and your Don’ts of watches are an absolute must! Buying a watch can seem simple enough – buy a watch and put it on your wrist, right? It can be that simple but we’re sure a watch enthusiast somewhere has just cringed at that idea of you thoughtlessly throwing on a watch and being on your merry way. Lets cover some basic Do’s and Don’ts that leave you with a strong sense of confidence wearing your watch!

On How To Buy A Watch

DON’T – Buy overcomplicated pieces
When purchasing a classic watch one can get carried away with wanting a watch that does this and does that. If that’s you, may we suggest a smart watch? A classic watch with a face dial is a timeless statement piece. Forget your fast Japanese rally car and think instead of your enduring Aston Martin. Buying a classic watch is about two things – telling the time and telling the world who you are.

DO – Find a watch that suits you
A watch is about telling people who you are and what you’re about. It’s a fashion piece that speaks loudly, showing exactly what you’re about. A major do’s & don’ts of watches is to find a style that you feel expresses who you are authentically. In saying that, be careful to go with a loud or distracting style. It can restrict what you wear with it or can offer a statement on who you are that isn’t quite right. Keeping to more simple and subtle designs will ensure a genuine reflection on who you. It will also help in catering to more pieces of your wardrobe.

Do's & Don'ts of watches
The Modish Man Watch From Our Alpha Collection

On How To Wear Your Watch

DON’T – Wear a watch over your shirt
You might have an idea from something you’ve seen in a movie, or on social media that it’s a really cool idea to wear your watch over your shirt. We can hear you know saying “Well, Gianni Agnelli did it so why can’t I?” Let us assure you that, unless you enjoy looking like an amateur watch connoisseur, do not wear your watch over your shirt.

DO – Wear the right size
Measure your wrist. Before you even start looking into styles, know what face size you are going to be searching for. Wearing a watch that is too big or too small for your wrist is just like wearing a pair of pants that aren’t the right size – you’re going to feel it! Think three little bears style and find the size that’s just right for you. The perfect size watch should cover one third of your wrist. Most watches range between 35mm40mm faces, however you will find smaller or larger sizes in most watch brands.

DON’T – Wear two watches at the same time
We live in an age of smartphones, you can find the time anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. It is an absolutely ridiculous idea to wear to watches at the same time and there is no reasonable excuse to do it. It’s definitely a statement idea and people will talk about you but maybe not the way you want. We know this sounds like an obvious do’s & don’ts of watches but you’d be surprised.

DO – Wear your watch on the wrist that’s most comfortable
Another old rule in watch history is to wear your watch on the left wrist. This was established as your left is generally the less dominant hand and would get in the way less. That is no longer a protocol you should be sticking to. You should be wearing your watch on the wrist that is more comfortable for you in your day to day life.

On What To Wear Your Watch With

DON’T – Wear a casual watch with evening attire
It may seem like an obvious one but no – your day to day with the brown leather strap and all the scratches does not work with your suit or evening gown. When selecting a watch, take some time to put some consideration into it. Think about where you’re going to wear this watch or what outfit you will wear it with.

If you need a watch for everyday purposes to match with casual outfits, look into leather or mesh bands. Stick to minimalist style, neutral tones and something understated which you can work into different styles and settings. If you’re the adventurous kind, always outside and in water, look into rubber or plastic bands, possibly even diving or hiking watches designed specifically for action.

DO – Have an evening watch option for special occasions.
Having an evening watch, especially for special occasions can elevate your whole look. If you think you don’t need an evening watch – think again because every watch enthusiast knows it is a must! Whether you’re a gold or silver person, having a bold statement watch will pull the whole look together like a perfect bow on top. Remember, timeless style is all about the details. There was an old rule that yellow gold was a daytime metal which is why most evening jewellery is white gold or platinum. However, as time has gone on gold has taken over as the night time metal creating a more extravagant appearance.

DON’T – Throw any watch with any outfit
A casual watch doesn’t work for everything but everything works with an evening watch. Repeat after us; a casual watch is only for everyday attire but a dress watch can work across many looks from casual to evening. If your casual watch has a leather strap you might want to be careful with wearing black shoes with a brown strap or vice versa. Ensure this particular do’s & don’ts of watches is on your mind when creating a look.

Also, wearing dark coloured accessories with light or neutral outfits can throw off the entire ensemble. Having a white or neutral toned strap is perfect for summer! If purchasing more than one watch is something that’s out of your price range, find a watch that has interchangeable straps. That can allow you to completely change your look without breaking the bank.

DO – Wear simple jewellery with your watch
If your everyday watch is a minimalist piece you may want to elevate your attire with adding some jewellery. Adding a simple beaded bracelet, bangle or cuff can pull your look together but this can only work if your pieces all tie in together. Keeping the same metal and colour tones will keep your arm from looking cluttered. If you decide to wear an evening watch for your special occasion remember, less is more!

Do's & Don'ts of watches
Champagne Watch from our Luxe Collection with our Peach Strap

On How To Care For Your Your Watch

DO – Service them often
Whether your watch is mechanic, automatic or quartz you need to ensure they are kept in great shape. Find a trustworthy watch repairer and make sure your watch is thoroughly serviced or if you have a quartz watch the battery is changed when needed. This will keep your watch working for as long as possible.

DON’T – Use chemicals
When cleaning your watch do not use chemicals. We repeat, DO NOT USE CHEMICALS. Yes, even Windex. These cleaning products can have a harmful long term effect on your watch. Look into finding cleaning repair kits or take it to your trusted watch repair location for a good clean.

DO – Have somewhere safe to store them
Lastly but not least in the list of do’s & don’ts of watches. Indulging in a watch case or even keeping the box it came in will ensure the watch does not become damaged over time. Some watches need to to be constantly moved to remain in perfect use, this is where someone would purchase a watch mover case. They are a great investment and can help maintain the watch in between services.

We hope that helps clear up some major DO’s and DON’Ts and you feel more confident in your purchases. Buying a watch is not something you will do as often as buying shoes, it’s something you should take deliberation and care into. If you have any questions or want us to elaborate further on please let us know by dropping a comment below or email us at contact@christianpaul.com.au

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