Product Information

How do I change the size of my mesh straps?

If you have ordered a mesh strap or a timepiece with a mesh strap, you would have received a tool and an instructions booklet. Please follow the simple steps to change the size of your mesh strap in the link below.

Instructions on how to change mesh strap

Are all straps interchangeable?

All straps and some buckles are interchangeable.

-Please note that all 40mm, 43mm and 45mm watches will only suit a 20mm strap and all 35mm & 36mm watches will only suit a 18mm strap

Is my timepiece waterproof?

All timepieces are water resistant 5ATM

How do I know if my timepiece is authentic?

Note: When you receive your timepiece, you will receive an authenticity card. In July 2016, we began stamping our timepieces with serial numbers. Purchasing your timepiece from a listed stockist will ensure your timepiece is authentic.

When will I receive my order?

I have received the wrong product/size - what do I do?

From where are your products shipped?

How do I track my order?