Caribbean Dreamer

Christian Paul has taken a turn in a different direction this season. Bringing with it a tropical twist, mixing the modern with the classics.

Classical war time era, delicate pieces inspired by the classical Cuban culture. From vintage cars to heirlooms, there are many stories to be told and made with Christian Paul’s classical collection.

Explore the Caribbean

Inspired by the traditional pocket watches comes, tartan printed straps paired with Roman numeral indexed dials, encased by a new classic case and crown. Delicate oiled leather straps in many shades of browns, blues and blacks, shading neutrals and custom designed vintage hands on raised dials.

Dancing through the classics, this is where Christian Paul mixes the modern and classic stories to bring a sophisticated Caribbean aesthetic. Another new case and crown modernised with a Caribbean feel.

Inspired by the wonderful atmosphere of culture and scenery, the modern collection makes a splash with a custom designed palm leave artwork dial accompanied by a 3D detailed hardware pineapple symbol, offered with new saffiano leather straps in peach and white.

Join us whilst we relive our Caribbean adventure through our newest collection!

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