With a proud commitment to innovation and ideas, Sydney born designer Timothy Caruana initiated the offset of the Christian Paul brand. Inspired by the birth of his son, the brand is tied to a heart-warming legacy that has come to shape the story behind our evolution. Even the logo reflects such sentiments, illustrating the time of 11.25am when Christian Paul was born- this therefore, is Christian Paul time.

Christian Paul has built its reputation for excellence through a fusion of classic yet contemporary designs. Progressive watch making lies at the cornerstone of our heritage, drawing on inspiration from the culture, colour and landscapes that Sydney is renowned for. With elements from the picturesque coastal beaches to the historic rocks in the harbour, Christian Paul has established a harmonious co-existence between minimalist and fashionable design.

An affordable luxury that has cemented its position as a functional wardrobe essential, Christian Paul has forever changed the way a watch is sold and purchased.

Through inspired artistry and scrupulous craftsmanship, Christian Paul has emerged as worldwide leading innovators in designer timepieces, captivating the finest of social bloggers and media personalities worldwide.

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